Mochalicious Cupcake

Aromatic coffee fudge stuffed in the centre of a chocolate base cupcake, topped with espresso biased fresh creme. A shot of coffee surprise when you sink your teeth into one.

min. order applies

Dark Velvet Cupcake

Moist chocolate cupcake filled with signature chocolate fudge and topped with velvety smooth cream cheese + a slab of chocolate to finish.

min. order applies


Decadent moist fingers soaked with aromatic liquor-infused espresso, sandwiched between layers of light, fluffy mascarpone cheese.

* contains alcohol

cup (single serving)

small (2-3 servings)


Bars of coconut-infused pound cake, dipped in our Signature Chocolate Fudge & rolled in blanket of coconut shavings. A total Australian treat!

min. order applies

Cupped Forest

Cherry-infused light chocolate cupcake, stuffed with fudge & cherry, with feather-light topping and succulent cherry top.

min. order applies

Blueberry Streusel

Succulent large organic blueberries mixed with wonderfully moist and breadlike crumble, topped with lovely golden caramelized streusel.

min. order applies

Apple Pie

Apple pie inspired tender light muffin with chunks of apples within. Topped with light layer of cinnamon butter sugar that perks you up.

min. order applies

Lemon Poppy Seed

Light aromatic lemony tender muffin speckled with lots of poppy seeds. Perfect snack for anything!

min. order applies

All prices subject to changes without prior notice.

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Orange Cranberries

Refreshing tender orange muffin bursting with cranberries in every bite.

min. order applies

Whoopie Pie

Pillowy-soft chocolate cake-like cookies sandwiched with mouth-watering vanilla.

min. order applies

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Studded with the best-tasting chocolate chips, the buttery classic chocolate chip cookie is not only yummy-licious but LARGER!

min. order applies

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